Skeinforge Settings for ABS

Using ABS from Started with ABS Rapman default settings. No extruder fan for any prints, unheated bed.

# smaller parts (less than 50mm on a side with raft)

Feed Rate 12 mm/s
Raft Temp 235 C
First Layer 230 C
Next Layers 240 C
Raft Margin 5 mm
Extrusion 270 (27 RPM)

# medium parts

Feed Rate 8 mm/s
Raft Temp 233 C
First Layer 228 C
Next Layers 238 C
Raft Margin 10 mm
Extrusion 250 (25 RPM)

Skeinforge Settings for PLA

Using PLA from Started with settings provided by Wade Bortz and tweaked them a little bit.

# carve

Bridge Thickness Multiplier: 1.0
Import Coarseness: 1.0
Layer Thickness: 0.4
Perimeter Width over Thickness: 1.5

# comb

Activate true
Min Departure Distance over Perimeter Width: 10.0
Running Jump Space over Perimeter Width: 2.0

# clip

Activate true
Clip over Extrusion Width: 0.15

# cool (turned off)

Activate false
Type orbit
Maximum Cool: 2.0
Min Layer Time: 1.0
Min Orbital Radius: 20.0
Turn fan on at beginning true
Turn fan off at ending true

# fill

Activate true
Diaphragm Thickness: 0
Extra shells on Alternating Solid Layers: 1
Extra shells on Base: 2
Extra Shells on Sparse Layer: 1
Grid Extra Overlap: 0.1
Infill Begin Rotation: 45
Infill Begin Rotation Repeat: 1
Infill Interior Density over Exterior Density: 1.0
Infill Odd Layer Extra Rotation: 90
Infill pattern
Grid Hexagonal false
Grid Rectangular false
Line true
Infill Perimeter Overlap: 0.15
Infill Solidity: 0.5
Infill Width over Thickness: 1.5
Solid Surface Thickness: 3
Thread Sequence Choice: Perimeter > Loops > Infill

# inset

Add Custom Code for Temperature Reading true
Bridge Width Multiplier: 1.0
Overlap Removal Width over Perimeter Width: 0.6
Turn Extruder Heater Off at Shut Down true

# jitter

Activate true
Jitter over Perimeter Width: 2.0

# raft

Activate true
Add Raft, Elevate Nozzle, Orbit and Set Altitude true
Base Infill Density: 0.5
Base Layer Thickness over Layer Thickness: 2.0
Base Layers: 0
Base Nozzle Lift over Base Layer Thickness: 0.375
Bottom Altitude: 0.0
Infill Overhang: 0.1
Interface Infill Density: 0.5
Interface Layer Thickness over Layer Thickness: 1.0
Interface Layers: 0
Interface Nozzle Lift over Interface Layer Thickness: 0.45
Operating Nozzle Lift over Layer Thickness: 0.5
Raft Additional Margin over Length: 1.0
Raft Margin: 5.0
Support Cross Hatch false
Support Flow Rate over Operating Flow Rate: 1.0
Support Gap over Perimeter Extrusion Width: 1.0
Support Material choice: No Support
Support Minimum Angle: 60.0
Temp Change Time Before Raft: 0.0
Temp Change Time Before First Layer Outline: 30.0
Temp Change Time Before Next Threads: 0.0
Temp Change Time Before Support Layers: 0.0
Temp Change Time Before Supported Layers: 0.0
Temp of Raft: 0.0
Temp of Shape First Layer Outline: 200.0
Temp of Shape First Layer Within: 200.0
Temp of Shape Next Layers: 210.0
Temp of Support Layers: 200.0
Temp of Supported Layers: 210.0

# speed

Activate true
Add flow rate true
Bridge Feed Rate Multiplier: 1.0
Bridge Flow Rate Multiplier: 1.0
Feed Rate: 16.0
Flow Rate Setting: 360.0
Maximum Z Feed Rate: 8.0
Orbital Feed Rate over Operating Feed Rate: 0.5
Perimeter Feed Rate over Operating Feed Rate: 1.0
Perimeter Flow Rate over Operating Flow Rate: 1.0
Travel Feed Rate: 16.0