In this assignment you are going to use the lcd object to make some graphic art.

User Interface

As with your MIDI instrument, this patch will be more fun to play with if you give the user some controls to manipulate. These might be UI objects like dials, sliders or number boxes, or they might involve reading the keyboard or mouse. Most likely, you will use some combination. Again, you will want to use presentation mode to make your interface easier to understand and use.

Visual Output

The output of your patch will be displayed on an lcd object. You will want to give the user the ability to clear the lcd and start again. You might also want to design your patch so that the lcd is dynamically updated as he or she manipulates the controls.

Randomness and Colour

As we’ve seen, constrained randomness makes patches more lifelike and surprising. In this case you don’t have to include randomness, but you are welcome to do so. Having some way to manipulate colour will also make your patch more interesting. Even if you want to do something monochromatic, consider using a spectrum that doesn’t range from white to black. (This is something else that can be put under the user’s control, either partially or fully).

Artistic Goodness

As with the MIDI patch, you won’t be judged on the aesthetic quality of the work. Instead, just get your patch to do something that you consider to be interesting, surprising, wacky or fun.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns.