For the final assignment, you have three choices. Pick ONE.


Choose two or more pre-existing patches and combine them to create something new.  You can use patches that we studied in class, or ones that you found in the Max 6 help files or documentation.  Be sure to put a comment in your code that says where you got the original patches from.  Your new patch should do something different than the ones that you used to build it.

List Manipulation

One of the objects that we did not study in class is called zl. It includes a wide variety of options for manipulating lists in interesting ways.  Use one or more zl objects to write a program that does something interesting with text.  You might, for example, try to create a patch that translates English into Pig Latin, or something like that.

Anything You’d Like

Building on what you’ve learned this term, write a program that does something interesting or fun with music, audio, graphics or text.