In this assignment you are going to draw on both your MIDI skills and your familiarity with the Lcd object to create a simple animation with both graphics and sound.


Animated events are more believable when they have synchronized sound effects. This does not have to be too complicated: as a piano falls through the sky it makes a whooshing noise, followed by a crash when it hits the ground. Just think of every classic cartoon you’ve ever seen.

User Interface

The user should have some ability to play, replay and stop your animation. If you want to give him or her additional controls (to adjust the speed of playback, or the volume of the sound, or to introduce various kinds of randomness) that would be a nice bonus.

Code Organization

You should have a simple and clearly organized presentation mode screen, with instructions telling the user what to do if necessary. You should also make use of subpatches (patcher objects) to organize your code into units.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns.