The class wanted a brief introduction to computer programming for interactive exhibits and installations. Since there is a lot of ground to cover, the work is split up over two weeks.

Before 14 Nov

In class we will work through a few example programs slowly, so you can become familiar with the Max programming interface and some common building blocks.

Before 21 Nov

Read these blog posts

Work through the following tutorials

(If you run out of time, don’t worry about finishing the Max basic tutorials that I provide links to.)  In class we will continue our exploration of computer programming to support exhibits.

Assignment (after 21 Nov)

Start by learning a little more about using Max for

and spend some time looking at other people’s projects. Now write a blog post with two parts. The first part should reflect on your experiences with Max programming so far. Which things seemed easy? Which seemed hard? Which were surprising? In the second part of your post, think of an exhibit, installation, game, gizmo, or something else that is interactive and might be used to communicate ideas about history. Describe it in a paragraph or two. What would you need to learn in order to implement your vision?