This week we continue to work on the final projects, clarifying and simplifying wherever possible. From this point onwards, each individual or group will need to begin figuring out what supplies and equipment will be necessary, what skills need to be learned, and so on.

In Class

In cases where the next steps seem clear, I’ve identified some activities to pursue in class. Otherwise, plan to meet with me to discuss possibilities. Don’t forget to blog about your process.

  • Charlotte & Jesika: I will bring in some X-acto knives, a cutting board and cardstock. You can try designing some popups with Popup Card Designer Pro. If you have time, you can also try installing the Roland Stika and cutting paper with that.
  • Shane: You will probably want to work through some of the Jitter tutorials. Start at the beginning and skim each to see if it seems to be useful for implementing the software side of the periscope part of your project.
  • Shez: I will bring in a piezo element to hook up as an analog input for the Phidgets 2/2/2. Check the Phidgets documentation (analog inputs, vibration sensor) and look through the Max forums for examples of people using piezo inputs (such as this Stretta tutorial).
  • Vanessa: You can experiment with using Max to take snapshots from the webcam. This can be done on the Mac with an object called jit.qt.grab but it is probably easiest to get started using the GRABBR and RECORDR objects from VIZZIE. There are also a couple of draft tutorials on VIZZIE up on the Cycling74 website (Part 1, Part 2).
  • Caileen, Erica, Jasmine, Jen, Mary Beth, Paulina, Stephanie & Cristina: Email me before Weds if you think of anything that you need; otherwise we will talk in class

I will also bring in the MaKey MaKeys and Phidgets for people who want to continue to experiment with them.